Maryann Brown - GLOW ED Award Winner 2017

Chief Operating Officer of International Insurance. Involved in the International Education field for almost 25 years, exclusively in the field of international education insurance.

20 years ago, Maryann co-founded with Keith Segal,’s CEO, in the basement of Keith’s home. From these modest beginnings, they have built a company that now employs 60+ employees and insures over 200,000 international students every year. They have developed an outstanding team, built on mentoring within the organization to allow opportunities for everyone.

Maryann encompasses the qualities of a great leader and compels others to do the same. Her radiating confidence, drive, passion, and positive outlook are all valued and admired by those around her. Not only is Maryann a strong female leader, she is also a kind and compassionate individual. Maryann encourages her employees and colleagues to recognize their own potential and empowers their progress. Her staff say that she is a role model for women in leadership.

Maryann’s continuous dedication towards and her work in the industry are remarkable. In addition to her training in intercultural communications, Maryann has worked to de-stigmatize mental health issues and improve access to care for students. After completing Queens University’s Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate she worked in partnership with Morneau Sheppel to help create’s ground-breaking keep.meSAFE program, which focuses on providing mental wellness support to both domestic and international students. This is an example of Maryann’s ability to look ahead at what is needed in the international education sector and identify where guard,me can help.