Linda Auzin - GLOW ED Award Winner 2019

Recognized for her outstanding work in the Canadian language training industry.

Linda Auzin, is being recognized for her outstanding work in the Canadian language training industry where her natural commitment to fairness and equity contributed to the establishment and success of a “self-regulatory” body focused on building Canada’s quality in education seal for language learning, known as Languages Canada. As Director of Member Services for Languages Canada, Linda has maintained a high degree of integrity as she works to find consensus in the public and private language studies sector where a variety of viewpoints is common. Linda is closely tuned in to local education issues and makes it her business to understand the values, views and position of the entire sector. Some of the highlights of her career include:

  • High engagement in student safety issues

  • Ensuring the interests of students are attended to in the event of school closings.

  • Facilitating scholarships for students after global crises, most notably, her work on the Hope for Youth Scholarship for Japanese students who were affected by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

  • Championing of standards for the sector including her integral role in the development of the Languages Canada quality assurance process.

Linda blends the ability of diplomacy and action; she is communicative and friendly; she is discrete; and she is humble. Linda works quietly behind the scenes while contributing greatly to the work of Languages Canada. She has made a lasting contribution to the international education community in Canada.

Recognition of Excellence in Service to International Education

Awarded from time to time.

From time to time Glow Ed recognizes an individual who has made a great contribution to IE in Canada over their career.