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The International Education Industry has grown rapidly in the last 20 years broadening the scope and opportunities for work and career development.  Although the number of women in the industry far out-number the men there are disproportionately few women in top leadership and ownership roles. Juggling personal obligations with work that involves travel as well as weekend and evening commitments presents special challenges for women. Whether and when to seek advancement and having the skills to successfully navigate a career path that is uniquely suited to your ambition and life choices is a complex endeavor. GLOW ED has been created to assist across all of these areas.

Here’s what GLOW ED can mean for you and your career as a woman in international education.

  • Roundtable Support Groups

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Leadership Development for All Members

  • Virtual Learning

  • Life Balance Support

Sometimes outsiders have the perception that what you do at work is just fun – that anyone can do it.  GLOW ED confirms that IE is a career of skill, dedication, hard work as well as great personal satisfaction. Together we all can thrive!Becoming a member of Glow Ed - Women in Education is also your statement of support for women who aspire for respect and advancement in the exciting field of international education.   

GLOW ED - Global Women in Education

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