GLOW ED - Global Women in Education

The world's largest network of women in international education.

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International & Local Membership

As a member of GLOW Ed, you automatically receive access to an international network of hundreds of women in the international education industry. As we grow organically, in the future some of the most rewarding benefits of GLOW.ED membership comes from participation in the networking, educational, and professional growth opportunities available through local chapters. Events organized by chapters will reflect the diversity and range of chapter locations and member interests.


All GLOW Ed members receive the following benefits:

  • Access to professional growth and networking opportunities around the world

  • Insight into industry trends and best practices

  • Advice on how to advance your career in the field

  • A platform to share your stories and successes

  • Survival skills for traveling and working abroad

  • Access to cross-cultural sensitivity training and tools

  • Discounted rates to conferences and special events

  • A key role in creating scholarship opportunities for disadvantaged women around the world

  • Check out our Membership Page for new benefits planned for 2018-19.  Don't put off registering - so you can begin to join these exciting new initiative.