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Established in 2015, GLOW Ed - Global Women in Education, is a voluntary non-profit professional network of women in the field of international education.  Our vision is to inspire and mentor women from around the globe who share common goals and challenges in the field of international education, based on the values of fairness, inclusiveness, and diversity.


GLOW ED is open to all women and men currently contributing to the field of international education, including:

  • Presidents and vice presidents of colleges and universities

  • Senior leaders at public and private institutions

  • Heads of high schools and school districts

  • Administrators and marketing representatives

  • Faculty, instructors and teachers

  • Private and public providers

  • Agents and owners of agencies

  • Student advisors and counsellors

  • Government and trade representatives

  • Service providers and their teams

  • Industry association leaders

  • Researchers and academics

  • Individuals involved in non-for-profit organizations and NGOs

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